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Richard Ahlstrom's passion for photography lies in portraiture, the capture of a single moment in someone's life. It is the art of telling a story, to know how to bring out the beauty, strength and energy in people - and it takes patience to capture it. Only when all the elements converge you take the shot.

Richard was born in Sweden and spent his early years in Stockholm. He was educated in Switzerland, where he also spent the first 25 years of his adult life. After moving to Paris he studied photography and worked at Studio Click'Clack and worked with photographers like Helmut Newton, François Lamy and Paolo Roversi. Currently, Richard is based in Stockholm, but finds himself abroad for most of the year, working all across the world.

Today his work mainly comprises special projects and photojournalism related to his extensive travels. His editorial clients include bike, travel and financial magazines covering Africa, USA and Asia, and his work has been featured in Swedish travel magazines, as well as the Burning Man & AfrikaBurn galleries. Richard has followed and documented the band Brooklyn Funk Essentials for several years of touring, and he was named a finalist of the Magnum Photo­graphy Awards and the Nikon Photo Contest. Most recently, his work has been exhibited at Bakfickan, at Sven­Harrys Konstmuseum in Stockholm.

Richard is also managing a non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting children's safety and reducing fatalities and injuries from road accidents in developing countries.

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Enhance Your Brand Image with Corporate Photography

In an era where social media plays a vital role in capturing interesting and maintaining the engagement of qualified buyers, companies require a means to making that instant human connection. Corporate photography acts as the introduction to your brand and its staff.

I propose Corporate Photography package where I will spend some hours taking pictures at your office some days during a week. I will fetch the feeling and people in a positive light, providing you with quality photos from your office(s) and portraits of your co-workers, for a fixed price.

I also offer corporate event photography teams when I provide require high quality imagery for use in marketing campaigns.

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